28th Oct 2021

System Control Panel

You can login to your systems custom control panel for all paid services, at



18th Oct 2021

Support Manuals

We have extensive support manuals for all user who pay to use our custom control panel. You can find them under the help menu. We will be adding public knowledgebase articles in the next few months for help with cPanel for our free customers.

10th Oct 2021


We have purchased the supporting.business domain name and is available to use as a sub-domain for any business account. So you can create your company name under the supporting.business domain name. Its totally free if you remain within your quota with no advertising. Handy Web Builder's are available to help with your design for a few pounds.

10th Oct 2021


You can now select a free sub domain to host your website, if you do not wish to purchase a domain name. Currently *.freebiehost.co.uk *.oathpro.com .yeti.directory and .dmoz.org.uk is available, with more to arrive soon! Please allow 72 hours for your domain name to resolve before opening a support ticket. All .freebiehost.co.uk, .oathpro.com, ...